Our Support Staff

We Aggressively Represent Your Interests and Personally Handle Your Case

Clients will also find that the support staff will enhance the quality of the legal services provided. JoAnn, Dee, and Maria assist in maintaining personal contact with clients.


JoAnn is a paralegal and the office manager. She has been working in the legal field for over 25 years and handles all the worker’s compensation cases for attorney Sabra with extensive knowledge in the field.  JoAnn also handles criminal and some personal injury cases as well as wills and estates for attorney Sabra.


In her position as a legal assistant, Dee is responsible for handling all attorney Sabra’s personal injury cases. Dee prepares pleadings, discovery, mediation, and arbitration memorandums. She holds over 25 years of legal experience.

Maria M. Tavares-Shepard

With 21 years of legal experience, Maria M. Tavares-Shepard is the legal assistant to attorney Matthew M. Aspden. She handles the domestic relations matters in the office, as well as assisting with personal injury in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, litigation, real estate, and corporate matters.