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slip and fall in home
In case you slip and fall while in someone else’s house, you can make a claim if you believe that their negligence led to your accident. If you have a case, the property owner’s insurance can come in to settle the claim. However, before this happens, several factors will come into play.

Does the person have homeowners insurance?

The first thing you will need to find out is whether the property owner has homeowners’ insurance. Mortgage companies have a requirement that all mortgage borrowers should buy this type of insurance. This means that most property owners with a mortgage will have homeowners insurance. However, when the property owner does not have a mortgage, there is a chance that they do not have homeowners insurance. You should find out if they have insurance as well as the identity of the insurance company.

Reporting the case to the insurer within the shortest time possible

Once you slip and fall while in another person’s house, you should report the case to their insurer as soon as possible. Taking too much time before notifying the insurer of such an accident may cause them to think that it is not legitimate. Once you know the name of the insurer, you should report the accident to increase the chances of your claim being successful.

The owner may not want to go to the insurer

Insurance companies are known for their unwillingness to pay claims. Some insurers will actually cancel coverage in the event that any claim is made under the policy. This may worry some property owners, leading to their refusal to divulge the identity of the insurer. Some property owners may actually choose to handle the issue without the help of the insurance company.
You may find yourself in a situation where you have slipped and fallen, sometimes resulting in injuries. The property owner may not be willing to tell you who their homeowner’s insurer is. The best way to get the identity of the insurer would be to sue the homeowner and request the court to compel them to surrender the information.

The process of making a claim

Once the accident has been reported to the insurance company, they will send an insurance adjuster to both the property owner and the injured person. The adjuster will seek to get information from the two individuals on how events that led to the slip and fall unfolded.
You can expect the adjuster to ask you to record a statement about what happened. Make sure that you have your personal injury lawyer with you. The legal expert will ensure that your interests are represented and that you get the compensation you are entitled to.
The insurance adjuster will also ask for your medical records and bills, in case there are any. They will also seek to establish your lost earning over the period. This will help them to arrive at a claims settlement offer.

Medical payment coverage

In general, homeowners insurance comprises of two parts: liability coverage and medical payment coverage. Whether or not the property owner was negligent, medical payment coverage will pay for the medical expenses of the injured person up to a certain limit.

Was there negligence?

If you are to get the compensation you seek for a slip and fall accident, you have to prove that the homeowner was negligent. You also have to show that it is as a result of this negligence that you slipped and fell while in their home.