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A slip and fall injury on someone else’s property can cause dozens of unfortunate challenges for you, from preventing you from working, causing the need for surgery and increased medical bills, or even permanently disabling you. We’ve seen an increased amount of slip and fall cases from the slippery and icy winters in Massachusetts.

If you have experienced a fall in Fall River, Dartmouth, Seekonk or any town within Bristol County, MA and are seeking proper representation to obtain payments for covering the damages you’ve incurred, we are here to help. Sabra and Aspden are prepared to work on your behalf to make sure that damages are paid and your interests are fully looked out for. Slip and fall injuries are one of our specialties, and we have a long history  over 35 years practicing law to ensure that maximum compensation for your personal injuries are received.

Our most recent slip and fall case victory involved a 73 year old woman who slipped and fell on an accumulation of water at a national grocery store in Fall River, MA. The woman broke her leg in several places and required surgery to repair the damage. The grocery store denied fault, yet Attorney Steve Sabra succeeded in obtaining a $225,000 damage payment for his client.

What is a slip-and-fall case?

A slip-and-fall case is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a case that hinges on an incident, a fall, that takes place on someone else’s property due to damage or dangerous conditions that they should have been aware of, warned you about, or repaired to keep people from getting hurt. Injuries can occur from falling down stairs, slipping on ice or a wet floor. They can also be known as fall-down cases. At Sabra and Aspden, we assist individuals who are injured as a result of a slip-and-fall accident on residential and commercial property, including shopping centers, supermarkets, parking lots, healthcare facilities, schools, elevators, nursing homes, and residential complexes in the Fall River or Bristol County area.

What are slip-and-fall cases usually caused by?

There are lots of different reasons that a fall-down case could occur. These cases usually involve slip-and-fall accidents from uneven flooring, unsafe stairs, the accumulation of debris, wet floors, snow, and ice. Sometimes, poor lighting can be involved as well. The damage that causes you to occur must be something that could have been anticipated and/or fixed, on someone else’s property.  Whatever the cause of your fall, you can be confident our experience team will deliver a solid argument to promote your best interests and get you the maximum reward to cover your pain and suffering.

Why do you have a case if you fall on someone else’s property?

A property owner has a duty to keep his property in a reasonably safe condition and to warn people who pass through his property of any dangerous condition of which he has knowledge, or should have knowledge. Basically, this means that if someone falls because wood rotted through and needed to be replaced, or because there was an icy spot on your front stoop that the property owner didn’t put salt down to melt the ice, they are responsible, because they should have taken care of the potential issue to prevented the fall. This is why slip and fall cases exist, to protect you from negligence of home or business owners.

Have you fallen in the Fall River area?  How can you prepare for a fall-down case?

It is vital that you document the conditions at the accident site right away. You also need the names of witnesses, and get documentation of your injuries and medical care incurred to manager the care of the injury. A property owner can act quickly to clean up or repair the condition that caused your injury, which will weaken your case, so making sure documentation of the site at the time of your injury is crucial.

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