Construction Workers: What Do You Do if Injured on the Job?

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construction workers injured on job

Construction workers are normally qualified to receive reimbursements if they are injured on the job.  You could get compensation for the medical expenses incurred because of the injury and a small number of construction workers receive indemnification for their lost revenue. A claim for compensation needs the construction worker to prove that the injury was gotten from the job. The … Read More

How Much is My Workers’ Compensation Case in Fall River, MA Worth?

Steven SabraWorkers' Compensation

The legal team here at Sabra & Aspden has helped countless clients throughout the Greater Fall River, MA region with their workers’ compensation cases. Over the years of representing these clients, one question that is consistently asked is: how much is my workers’ compensation case worth? When dealing with workers’ compensation cases in Bristol County, there are 3 things to … Read More

Is an Attorney’s Fee Negotiable in a Personal Injury or Workers’ Compensation Case?

Nikki P.Auto Accident, Catastrophic Accident, Personal Injury, Slip & Fall Accidents, Workers' Compensation, Wrongful Death

A caller in the local Fall River area asked, in reference to personal injury when you see an attorney, whether it is an automobile accident or slip and fall can you negotiate the attorney fee or is it a set rate? Steven Sabra answered that it is dependent upon the individual attorney. Sabra and Aspden do not negotiate the fee … Read More

Getting Behind the Mail – 3rd Party Claims and Letter Carriers With Fall River Attorney Steve Sabra

Nikki P.Dog Bites and Attacks, Personal Injury, Slip & Fall Accidents, Workers' Compensation

Behind every piece of mail is a man or woman with a family to feed, and a story to tell. No one understands this better than Fall River Attorney Steve Sabra. Sabra was given a roof over his head and food on his table because of this honored profession: his father was a letter carrier in Fall River for nearly … Read More

6 Important Factors to Determine your Personal Injury Case

Steven SabraAuto Accident, Catastrophic Accident, Dog Bites and Attacks, Personal Injury, Slip & Fall Accidents, Workers' Compensation, Wrongful Death

Personal Injury cases involve motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, premises liability cases which involve slip and fall accidents, product liability injury due to defect in a product, and construction site accidents. If you have suffered an injury due to an accident, you’ll have questions for your attorney. The most common questions are: Do I have a case? What’s … Read More

6 Facts Most People Do Not Know About Workers’ Compensation

Steven SabraWorkers' Compensation

Steve Sabra, of Sabra and Aspden Law Offices in Fall River, spoke on Law Talk about a pregnancy bias claim against UPS that has reached the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s essentially about discrimination against someone who is pregnant. The basics are that this woman was pregnant and UPS told her they wouldn’t give her a temporary assignment against lifting heavy … Read More