Slip and Fall and Homeowners Insurance – Fall River Laws

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In case you slip and fall while in someone else’s house, you can make a claim if you believe that their negligence led to your accident. If you have a case, the property owner’s insurance can come in to settle the claim. However, before this happens, several factors will come into play. Does the person have homeowners insurance? The first … Read More

What to do if you slip and fall in a Fall River store

Steven SabraSlip & Fall Accidents

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When you are in a store, you may slip and fall and as a consequence sustain injuries. When such a thing happens to you as a customer, you may have a potential claim or lawsuit. However, it is important to establish whether there are reasonable grounds to file a claim and against whom the claim will be fined. For the … Read More

Slip and Fall Injuries Inside a Building – Do You Have a Claim in Fall River?

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Many times, when people think of slip and fall cases, they instinctively think about accidents that happen outside of a property. This includes slipping on icy sidewalks or walkways, or tripping over a pothole in the street. However, these aren’t the only slip and fall injuries we see occur throughout the Greater Fall River area. In fact, from Somerset to Swansea, and throughout … Read More

Slip and Fall Cases in Greater Fall River-Determining Defects in the Property

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There are many potential causes behind the various slip and fall claims found throughout Fall River, Somerset, Attleboro, and beyond. Sure, there are times when no one is to blame for a fall that results in personal injury; however, that’s not always the case. Particularly if your fall occurs on a sidewalk or commercial building or establishment, it’s important that you know whether … Read More

Delivery Persons and Slip and Fall Claims in Greater Fall River – What You Should Know

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Delivery men and women throughout the South Shore (including Fall River, Swansea, Somerset, Freetown, Westport, Dighton and all of Bristol County) have a lot of obstacles to contend with over the course of any given day. One of the most dangerous potentials out there is a slip and fall accident. These slip and fall events are exasperated during the winter … Read More

Slip and Fall on a Public Sidewalk – Who’s to Blame in Fall River, Massachusetts?

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Every winter in Fall River, Massachusetts – and throughout the South Shore – you can be certain that pedestrians walk the streets with extra care, to avoid slipping and falling on ice. But even with that extra care, slip and fall accidents still occur, and quite regularly. If you or someone you know has been injured from a slip and fall on … Read More

Three Factors to Consider in a Slip-and-Fall Accident to Prove a Property Owner is At Fault

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A caller to Law Talk in the local Fall River area brought up a situation in which he was walking on the sidewalk of a commercial structure and did not notice black ice causing him to slip-and-fall on their property. There are many commercial structures in downtown Fall River and in Corky Row District, such as Davol Mills, Giesow Building, … Read More

Premises Liability For Slip and Falls On Snow and Ice

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Recently in southern New England there have been many snowstorms. When it snows people start to ask, “What about the sidewalks?” “What happens if you fall on a sidewalk?” “What happens if you fall on someone else’s property?” “What happens if it is a commercial premises?” “Who is responsible?” The law was recently changed in Massachusetts. According to Attorney Steven … Read More

Is an Attorney’s Fee Negotiable in a Personal Injury or Workers’ Compensation Case?

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A caller in the local Fall River area asked, in reference to personal injury when you see an attorney, whether it is an automobile accident or slip and fall can you negotiate the attorney fee or is it a set rate? Steven Sabra answered that it is dependent upon the individual attorney. Sabra and Aspden do not negotiate the fee … Read More