4 Reasons You Need to Hire a Divorce Lawyer: Advice from a Fall River Attorney

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If you find yourself unfortunately embarking on divorce proceedings, your initial instinct might be to save a few dollars by taking a DIY approach. Perhaps you’ll use court-provided documents, or, perhaps even more likely, you’ll rely on information you find from a book or website.   I’ll be the first to admit that there are, in fact, some instances where … Read More

Three Frequent Situations Concerning Common Law Property

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A caller from the local Fall River area had asked a common law question, “If a residence is purchased under one name and one person has paid all the bills while two people have lived in the house together for about 10 years, what happens to the gross profit pertaining to the residence when the house is sold?” Steven Sabra … Read More

7 Things Not to Do When Going Through a Divorce

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On Law Talk, Attorney Steve Sabra, of Sabra and Aspden Law Offices of the greater Somerset area, discussed a case out of Pennsylvania, that applies to a similar case in the local Somerset area, about posts on Facebook dealing with the difference between a crime being committed because it’s a type of threat vs the protections we are afforded as … Read More