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In personal injury, car accident, wrongful death, and workers compensation cases the Law Offices of Sabra and Aspden vigorously work to achieve the outcome desired and maximize our clients recovery. We make the investment in investigators, medical and other experts necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We have done it consistently for over 35 years in the Greater Fall River Area.


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Steve Sabra
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Meet Steven Sabra Personal Injury Lawyer Fall River, Somerset, and Swansea MA

Meet Sabra and Aspden

With more than 35 years of legal practice in Somerset and Greater Fall River, MA, Attorney Steve Sabra is well-versed in representing the rights of those injured through the actions of others, who are seeking fair treatment in worker’s compensation matters, wrongful death cases and those charged with a crime. Regardless of the nature of the legal matter, Steve works with clients to plan strategy, achieve the desired results, and aggressively represent clients.

Attorney Matthew M. Aspden is a member of the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Bars and handles all the firm’s Rhode Island matters. Attorney Aspden specializes in real estate and business law, municipal and zoning matters, and divorce. He is the former president of the Fall River, MA Bar Association and also is the current chairman of the Somerset Housing Authority and a former member of the Somerset Zoning Board.

Matthew M. Aspden

Meet Matt Aspden Personal Injury Lawyer Fall River, Somerset, and Swansea MA

When you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence in the Greater Fall River Area you need lawyers that will vigorously fight to achieve the maximum personal injury recovery for you. Our Settlements and Verdicts account for pain and suffering, loss of work income, medical bills, health care costs that not only affect you in the short term but long term as well. Unlike other law firms we do whatever is necessary, like hire private investigators and medical experts, to help your case. We’ve recovered over $100 million for our Bristol County clients in settlements and verdicts.


Serious Motor Vehicle, Truck and Motorcycle accidents are unexpected and challenging to deal with. Injuries, loss of work, health care costs and dealing with insurance companies can be overwhelming.  The law offices of Sabra and Aspden have years over 30 years experience and know how to handle aggressive insurance companies that want to settle for a lot less than what you deserve. Unlike other Fall River, Ma Attorneys we are not afraid to take the time and money to do what it takes to get the most for your loss due to an accident, like hiring investigators and medical experts.


Worker’s compensation cases cover a wide variety of injuries and accidents that occur at the workplace. Back and neck injuries, workplace stress, construction accidents, carpal tunnel syndrome, fall from heights and lifting injuries are several examples. The law offices of Sabra and Aspden have over 30 years fighting for worker’s rights and have Greater Fall River, Massachusetts’ best reputation for settlements and verdicts. We’ve have recovered over $100 million for our clients in Swansea, Somerset, Fall River, Dartmouth, Dighton, Westport, Berkley, Freetown, Seekonk and all of Bristol County.


We handle slip and fall injuries in Fall river, Somerset Swansea, Dartmouth and all of Bristol County, MA. Fall down injuries can happen on commercial and residential properties.  There are a wide variety situation causing injury including, Ice covered stairs, sidewalks, parking lots and driveways,  wet and slippery floors, parking lot potholes and torn carpeting causing a trip and fall. We’ll review your case for free and do not take a fee unless a settlement or verdict is achieved.


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At Sabra and Aspden, we have represented thousands of individuals who have been injured either in a motor vehicle accident, on the job, or due to someone else’s negligence. As a result we recognize what is most important to our clients, what questions they need answered and how to best protect and represent their interests.

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Why We Serve Fall River and Bristol County, MA

Located in Southern Massachusetts, with a population of 88,0000, Fall River is one of the largest cities in MA. The town of Fall River is broken up into 13 distinct neighborhoods, Steep Brook, The North End, Highlands, Bank St, Lower Highlands, Flint, Merchants Association, Corky Row, Niagara, Sandy Beach, St. Annes, Father Kelley and Maplewood. With the Taunton river bordering to the east, Fall River, MA also boasts several bodies of water (Clark Pond and the North and South Watuppa reservoirs). The Fall River and Bristol County Superior Court building, located at 186 S. Main St., Fall River, is a beautiful glass building and celebrated it’s grand opening in 2010. We love Fall River’s rich history, beautiful water views and the surrounding tight knit communities of Somerset, Swansea, Freetown, Westport, Rehoboth, Dighton and Dartmouth, Massachusetts